In the online sphere, there are myriad UX design features that can enhance customer experience. Today, we’re sharing the top ones to consider.

UX design features

Designing any kind of product without user experience in mind is designing for failure.

If you don’t design for your users, you’re losing customers. Over half of all users in a Google survey suggested a bad mobile experience made them less interested in that company.

The link between UX design and a better ROI for your company is clear, so can you afford to design without them in mind?

Here are some important UX design features you’ll need to include in your product for the best customer experience and ROI.

Common Design Features

We live in an age where apps and websites all look a little similar.

Websites have navigation and search bars at the top. Apps have navigation buttons at the bottom. Colors and designs may change, but there’re a lot of commonalities. There’s a reason for that.

Standardization makes it easy for users to know how to use your design, and if you’re using common features, your UX ROI should increase as a result.

That’s also why customer experience helps to influence product development. If you don’t meet their minimum expectations, you can bid goodbye to the idea of improving ROI.

Accessible Navigation for All

You can’t assume that every user who visits your site or uses your app can navigate in the same way. That’s why you need to ensure your design factors in accessible navigation at its core.

  • Use those common design features we already mentioned, like the static navigation bar, but accessible navigation doesn’t end there.
  • Make it easier for your users to skip content by including buttons to return to the top of the page. Make sure any additional navigation you include, like pop-ups or navigation buttons, are clear and structured for everyone to read and understand.
  • Think about including keyboard shortcuts and other accessibility features into your design, where possible.
High-Quality Content

When it comes to improving the customer experience, content is king. Nothing will have an impact on your user satisfaction than your content, and it should be at the focus of your design.
What is it you’re offering to your users? A shiny website or app might look great, but if the content is lacking, the experience is lacking.

That’s why the U.S. Government recommends that if you want your user experience to be worthwhile, content should be useful, original, and supply a clear need.

Understand your audience, build useful content with them in mind, and present it well. This will help you convert more visitors into customers for a better ROI overall.

Simple, Clear Design

You have seconds to make an impact. Users won’t waste time if they don’t understand your site. Don’t overload with action popups or unnecessary buttons.

A simple design is the hallmark of great user experiences. It can help you focus your user’s attention on specifics, like a sign-up bar on the side, or on a sales infographic in the center.

Don’t be afraid to test your design and alter it. Test different variations on your users and use analytics to determine click rates and responses. This will help you improve your conversion rate in the long run.

Successful Product Design Relies on These UX Design Features

When you hire UX design companies to help you design your product, you should expect these UX design features as the cornerstone that drives ROI.

Clear design is the center point of any product built for the best user experience. Design features should be obvious, navigation should be easy, and the content should wow your audience.

Do you want to improve the UX design of your product or website? Our product design services can help you develop a product that stands out against your competitors.






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