With the significant rise of cryptocurrencies and the increasing glamor associated with it, the demand for a service where users can buy or sell cryptocurrency from any trading exchange, without having an account is extremely high. By fundamentally partnering with multiple exchanges to offer users an integrated and simplified experience, an exchange aggregator platform brings the much-needed ease and value of carrying out transactions for users.

Without having to wade through multiple log-in procedures across multiple exchanges, users can receive all the information that they need on a single unified interface. What’s more, with the current regulatory environment becoming stringent by the day, an aggregator is immune to the constant fluctuation of rules and regulations since it comes with the advantage of functioning as a global exchange, not bound by major legal stipulations.

Let’s explore how a cryptocurrency aggregator platform can level up your user experience a notch higher, apart from adding significant value and business sense.

1. It saves time

Trading on an exchange aggregator platform allows users/investors to take a quick look at all the available prices of different crypto-assets. This saves them time from having to manually view, visit, and sign-up at different exchanges.

2. It guides decision making

Crypto aggregators typically have rich visual interfaces with information categorized clearly thereby enabling price comparison across different exchanges, thus facilitating easy trading. As a result of this, price comparison becomes simple and instantaneous and users are able to make an informed choice.

3. It provides a wider array of coin choices

By collaborating with other cryptocurrency exchanges, an exchange aggregator platform works to provide its users with the best opportunities – and by extension, acquire new users – the aggregator platform seeks to get the global leading exchanges onboard. Whenever an exchange platform partners with an aggregator, all of its coins and offerings are made available at the aggregator platform. When we consider the fact that different popular exchanges will likely have more than five coins each, their collective offering gets featured on the aggregator platform. This simply increases the available alternatives for crypto traders and investors, letting them reap the maximum benefits from a wide assortment of cryptocurrencies and different matches.

4. It is inherently more secure

When a crypto transaction is carried out on an exchange, sensitive details are stored in the exchange, thereby increasing the possibility of security breaches in case the exchange is exposed to vulnerable threats. However, in the case of an aggregator, the funds are stored in the wallet of the users and hence there are no impending security challenges as such.

5. It is more personalized

When you use a crypto aggregator, you, as a crypto investor can track your crypto portfolio’s performance on a single unified interface by integrating API keys of several crypto exchanges. Not just that, you can configure instant alerts for currencies of your high interest and receive news immediately delivered in your inbox or mobile.

Having read its benefits, are you feeling the itch to build a crypto currency aggregator trading platform? Talk to us, explore, and analyze the benefits of building a crypto aggregator trading platform and make your trading game simpler and sophisticated. Schedule your free consultation with our blockchain and crypto team today.








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