Ionixx receives a perfect 5 on Clutch from our Customer, Bitsian!

Here’s a little customer success story we’d like to share. Why? After all, such insightful feedback is a powerful driving force that inspires us to better ourselves at what we do and gives us a sense of meaning and direction!

Customer background

Based out of New York, Bitsian is a crypto trading aggregator that manages all of your crypto exchanges in one place, providing one-click execution, real-time pricing, aggregate order books, stop-loss/ take-profit, and smart order routing.

What did we build?

For Bitsian, we built from scratch – a complete cloud-hosted trading system replete with multi-market connections, market data, order routing services, algorithmic order types, an order management system, and a risk management system.

How did we build it?

Touted as an ambitious and complex system by our customer, we built the trading platform as a core Java-based micro-services architecture for aggregating data from multiple crypto markets with a web-based front end, REST API, and FIX API.

With this system, we were primarily aiming to enable optimal performance, high availability, scalability, and complex functionality. We made heavy use of Kubernetes for high availability and scalability, apart from using open source frameworks such as Kafka, MySQL, RabittMQ, Elastic Cache, Redis, and others.

Using more than technical skills to solve technical challenges!

Beyond just technical competence, our customer has been particularly impressed with the way we showed a sense of ownership for the product right from the start.

“I will say that the ownership from our team at Ionixx has been outstanding. The level of detail and understanding is excellent. I believe Ionixx has as much, perhaps even more, pride and ownership in this system than we do. I can’t say enough good things about the professionalism, technical skill, and positive attitude of our team with Ionixx.”

From nothing to production in 6 months!

The management results speak for themselves – from nothing to production on 6 months.Their range of technical and architectural skills really impressed us.

Ionixx is quite pleased and humbled to receive such kind words from our customer and are excited to explore ways to continue this collaboration in more meaningful and mutually beneficial ways.

Read the full review on Clutch.





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