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As more companies and coders start learning the language of DApps or decentralized apps, we’re starting to see an explosion of new DApp projects across all kinds of industries. From financial trading to social media and beyond, here are 10 incredible DApp development projects with a lot of potential.

1. Crypto Kitties

These digital cats are becoming quite the international sensation. Crypto Kitties is a currency-trading DApp where users can exchange digital cats instead of cryptocurrency. Users are willing to pay thousands of dollars or more for one of these digital cats. The system assigns value to these cats based on all previous transactions. Just like Bitcoin, some users are hoping to cash in at just the right time. The DApp has already secured a 12 million dollar investment.

2. Power Ledger

This DApp is making waves in the energy industry. Electricity is run on a massive interconnected grid and this DApp allows electricity users and producers to buy and sell their power surpluses. If a company generates more power than it needs, it can sell it using Power Ledger to a person in need of some extra electricity. This DApp lets people circumvent the traditional energy supply chain.

3. Golem

Just like the Power Ledger DApp except for computers, Golem is a DApp that lets users buy and sell their unused computing power. If someone is underutilizing a fast computer, they can let other users tap into the system, so they can quickly render an image or graphic, export a video, or verify a transaction on the blockchain. Remember that verifying transactions on the blockchain can take up a lot of computing power. Thus, Golem is here to make computing power more accessible and shareable.


4. Request Network

Similar to PayPal, the Request Network is a DApp for sending and receiving money. But unlike other money transfer system, the Request Network lives on the blockchain, which means every transaction is authorized and validated by a series of nodes. This leaves little room for fraud and it keeps the system decentralized, so the network is always live and accessible to users.

5. Augur

Do you have a prediction for the future? Augur is a DApp that lets users make a prediction by placing a bet. The system wants to create a community where users can see the likeliest outcome based on public opinion. The more people use the DApp, the more accurate it will be when it comes to predicting the future. If a person’s prediction comes true, they’ll be rewarded with tokens.

6. Ethlance

Listen up, freelancers. The gig economy is slowly moving to the blockchain. Ethlance is a DApp where employers can post freelance jobs and connect with writers, designers, coders, and other freelancers from all over the world. But unlike websites like Upwork, Ethlance does not take a share of the freelancer’s earnings.

7. Swarm City

This DApp is changing the way companies and consumers exchange products and services. Swarm City lets users create communities in the DApp where people can trade money for goods or vice-versa. Online companies can use this DApp to change the way they send and receive payments. Consumers can also pay for products with more peace of mind, knowing that their transactions are being validated by the blockchain.

8. Aragon

This ambitious DApp lets users remotely run an organization or business using the blockchain. This frees an organization from having to choose a physical location or worry about potential downtime, helping entrepreneurs get around government interference and third-party hackers that might try to bring the system down. Companies no longer have to worry about their systems going dark because a government wants to censor their content, or a hacker crashed their web server.

9. uPort

This DApp gives users a unique online identity that cannot be stolen or erased. Much like a social security number for the internet, uPort makes it easy for people to keep their identity safe online. They can securely log into their devices, access sensitive data online, and complete various transactions without worrying about another party stealing their identity. One city is already aiming to use uPort as a way of managing their citizens’ identities online.

10. Leeroy

Leeroy is upending the way we think about social media. Users can create a secure account on the DApp and start sharing content much like Facebook or Twitter, but there are no ads and, instead of “liking” a post, users can upvote them with cryptocurrency. It’s a bit slow right now, but as the blockchain improves over time, the network should speed up.

As you can see, DApps are changing just about every industry on the planet. While some of these DApps have yet to go mainstream, it’s only a matter of time before the blockchain becomes an integral part of the online experience.

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