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Phone apps can have a positive effect on every business that employs them. Here are just 5 of the industries that phone apps can positively impact.

Phone Apps

Smartphones around the world are growing in popularity and usage.

In nations like the UK, United States, and Australia, over 70% of people use app-friendly phones for more than calling and texting.

Our smartphones have become the keys to the internet, local and global news, social norms and more. All of this thanks to over 2 million phone apps available for Apple and Android users. Individuals and industries alike have also seen significant benefits from the use of apps.

Here’s a closer look at the way apps are disrupting five different industries for the better.

1. Education

Universities are thriving ecosystems of student organizations, campus events, special offers, and class schedules.

Students recognize this and use apps to help navigate this intricate, exciting world. Campus phone apps are the one-stop-shop for people to know everything from the kickoff of Saturday’s game to any potential dangers.

They keep everyone in the know and help students make new connections as well.

2. The Job Market

There is no need to spend hours sitting at the computer and looking for jobs when there are apps to do it for you.

Some of the most-used apps for job hunting and employee recruiting are Indeed and LinkedIn.
Indeed is a space for employers and potential candidates to connect with just a few clicks. Candidates can update their CV and personal details, then send it immediately whenever they see an opportunity they like.

LinkedIn is the professional social network to be on, whether you are looking for a new job or industry news and tips.

As such, the team has broken down their website’s offerings into different smartphone apps. Download LinkedIn’s Search for the job hunt or Groups to stay connected, and get to networking!

3. Restaurant & Entertainment

Yelp and TripAdvisor have changed the way people vacation.

These are just two apps bringing consumers and entertainers together. From the convenience of a phone screen, users can browse multiple restaurants, attractions, and events in the area to plan their day.

They have access to trusted reviews and photos, as well as a way to directly contact their vendors of choice.

4. Medical

Epocrates is changing the way doctors search, diagnose, and treat symptoms in patients.

It is already being used by millions in the nation to check drug information and usage as well as connect with other providers. The app basically streamlines anything from checking a patient’s BMI to finding the best possible second opinion.

It expands a doctor’s network beyond their region, making everything more efficient and accessible for the patient care process.

5. Personal Development

No matter the industry that an individual works in, we can all use a tool to make positive changes in our personal lives.

Lift does exactly that.It is an app bringing people together based on common habit-forming goals, like getting a certain amount of sleep or eating healthier.

Lift creates a space to identify a specific change, then reach it with the support of other people. It tracks how often you have completed a task to build the habit you want to create, and gives you a network to lean on.

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