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As digital and shared economies continue to evolve and thrive, the idea of an online marketplace is taking off in complete shape across a variety of industries. Although it comes with its own set of challenges, it is worthwhile considering building one for your business.

The automobile industry has been bitten by the bug too and both car trading and car rental platforms have been gaining a steady foothold among customers world over.

Car trading platforms have emerged as an exciting startup option and are making their presence felt across the globe. If you are also planning to launch a successful peer-to-peer car trading platform, here are the key features that you can equip it with. On this blog, we discuss features and challenges specific to building a car trading marketplace platform.

Quick sign-up and registration

Ensure that you build a sign-up feature that enables users to set up an account on the fly. Ideally, it should take only a few minutes without gathering too many inputs from a potential user. In this regard, a good idea would be to enable users to sign up using their social media accounts thereby facilitating quick registrations.

Search filters

Identifying and zeroing in on an appropriate car trading platform can be a tiresome process for users in the absence of smart search filters. It is therefore vital to integrate quite a few search criteria through necessary filters to generate relevant car results with your car trading solution. Some of them could include:

  • Vehicle type through global elastic search
  • Used versus new vehicles
  • Price with price range slider
  • Vehicle history details

User-driven features

It is necessary that in today’s digital age, you build a user dashboard that is interactive at its core. Ensure updated functionalities to make way for quickly updating vehicle listing, updating new photographs, or make changes in bidding or auctioning. It is a good idea to embed messaging or chat functionality for buyers and sellers to interact with each other and discuss additional queries. Such features are critical to make a vehicle trading portal self-sustainable. An intuitive UX and an aesthetically pleasing UI will contribute to a successful user experience.

Vehicle valuation and pricing

Specific to used vehicles, one of the major features that can make your solution stand apart from the rest is the vehicle valuation feature. Since trust is a major underlying factor that goes into the decision making process for used vehicles, a comprehensive valuation feature will add an element of trust apart from offering a wide range of other benefits. They include the ability to negotiate better, more cost savings, complete inspection by certified professionals, and a lot more.

Distinct Admin interface

From content management to users and listings management, a website administrator is a must to ensure a single point of control for your online marketplace solution. Admin can also manage bookings and generate reports. With a distinct admin interface, it is easier to have a one-point control for any quick changes. Managing vehicle related screens, bidding & auction related screens, master mapping related screens are also some of the functions that can be carried out with a separate Admin interface. Owing to the single point of control, any change made on the Admin interface can be immediately reflected on the related screens.

News feeds

One of the good to have features on an online marketplace solution is a news feed section that collates and curates relevant vehicle trading news from various sources, including third-party ones, and puts it together for users to have a comprehensive knowledge building experience.

Having discussed some features that you can build your vehicle trading marketplace solution with, it’s a given that your online marketplace should be built with focus on end users. At Ionixx, we thoroughly understand your target audience and their requirements, ensuring they are aligned with consistent UX and UI design to develop and deliver highly engaging and profitable vehicle trading platforms. Reach out to our design and development teams for a more insightful understanding of how to build a sustainable and profitable vehicle trading platform for you and your customers!