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Make sure you are optimizing the software firm you’re working with with these key tools that will get you the most out of your business.

Software Firm

Software firms have employees working all over the internet.

Working in this environment can mean anything from back-end web structuring, UX design, site support and maintenance, and much more.

To best optimise the top software development companies you currently work for, or want to work for, there are online tools available to enhance your web presence and productivity.

Here Are 5 Key Tools You Need When Working for a Software Firm
1. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is the best resource for optimizing your productivity and organization. The approach is simple – capture, organize, and sync.

OmnifFocus gathers everything on your to do list in one easy place. This includes random thoughts or brainstorms to the important deadline at the end of the day.

The tool approaches work/life balance through perspectives, which separate tasking into categories like planning and doing.

Perspectives allow users to better focus time and energy by choosing one at a time. They can be sorted by deadlines or projects, as well as availability.

You can also use OmniFocus from your Apple desktop, phone, and watch, making it seamlessly accessible.

2. Asana

To maximize productivity on a team-level, Asana is the way to go.
Here, you can create and manage tasks, share calendars and start chats, and even sync docs from Google Drive.

Each task is hosted in one place with various categories available – like splitting projects via departments or clients. Employees can collaborate on ideas and execution instantly.

It is like placing your office online and giving the whole team a bird’s-eye view of what happens on the day-to-day.

3. Google Hangouts

Whether it is traffic, travelling, or time zones, there’s always something keeping your entire team from meeting together.

Google Hangouts make one meeting accessible to everyone. The program takes a virtual workplace and makes it personal via screen sharing and direct file sharing. It also allows for meetings to be recorded and watched later, an added benefit to those who may have conflicting schedules or timing.

4. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is here to make A/B testing a breeze for your software firm. VWO’s campaign building and tracking systems allow for unlimited undos, tracking multiple conversions at once, and easy integration. It also comes with a built-in heatmap tool which tracks users’ click behavior and what they may be overlooking.

Users can even optimize split URL testing and go live within one day.

5. LastPass

LastPass consolidates all your passwords in one place. Users create one free login and password, then sync all common online accounts like emails and social media channels.

In a software world, where most employees have a presence in various online tools and programs, LastPass makes accessing such accounts a breeze.

Software Made Simple

The online world is filled with resources for software firms and their employees.

The right tools can make all the difference in productivity, optimization, and even lead generation. Using such resources to plan your day, join a meeting, or transform your website can make all the difference for your firm.

What online tools are you currently using to improve your workday? Let us know in the comments below.