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Experts predict that 55% of healthcare applications will be using Blockchain for their development by 2025. That’s quite a whopping percentage of adoption by an industry that has immense potential to take the leap toward technological advancement.

What’s more empowering however is the fact that blockchain technology lends itself to various applications across multiple industries. These include financial services, real estate, music, and more.

Up until now, though, there have been some UX problems due to issues surrounding decentralization. Here’s everything you need to know about user experience design in Blockchain development.

The Decentralization of Blockchain

What widespread blockchain adoption potentially offers is a strong digital identity that’s more secure than existing systems. Essentially put, if a user has control of a private key, they have ownership of the digital asset.

As a developer, you might understand this. As an app user, it’s hard to grasp the concept of what a private key actually is.

However, because blockchain applications can seem a bit complicated, it’s been hard for users to make sense of how to use their private key.

This is where decentralization comes into play. Decentralized file storage is one of the biggest aspects of improving user experience design in blockchain development. This requires developers to set up various stages of security within the sign-up process, but it pays off, as users don’t really see much different on their end.

Implementing More Intuitive UI

Everybody knows that for a user to have a good experience using an application, they need to be engaged in an intuitive UI experience.

When it comes to a blockchain application, the user interface can look a bit complicated. It makes sense because there’s a lot going on behind the scenes!
But, designers and developers can help facilitate this in a few ways.

First, they can focus on designing micro-interactions. These are small, individual events that ask the user to complete just one task only.

Then, they can ensure that the app always prompts the user to confirm a decision with an application. This helps the user already know what’s going to happen next. And, one of the other biggest ways in which a designer can improve user interaction is to direct a user’s attention to where they want them to be focusing on.

In blockchain apps that usually retain a lot of data and are a bit heavy on the visuals, this can pay off big-time in pleasant UI and greatly improve the overall UX.

Improving Your User Experience Design in Blockchain Development

As we move forward into a Blockchain-ruled world, it looks as if people who want to create Blockchain apps are going to have to start hiring Blockchain app designers. Why? They’re really the only people who currently have enough experience about user experience design in Blockchain development to actually develop a better UX design.

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Then, feel free to contact us in order to see how we can help you begin to build design-driven technology solutions for you and your audience.