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Blockchain is one such technology that has heavily impacted the entire tech industry. Initially, Blockchain was being used in cryptocurrencies; however, now, it is useful in various popular industries like healthcare, finance, etc.

Before we move ahead, let’s understand some basics of Blockchain.

Blockchain stands for a distributed database that enables a transaction between two parties without any requirement of an authoritative mediator.

Despite Blockchain is written in C++, various developers & data scientists prefer using other leading languages to build a blockchain application.

Blockchain is widely useful for architecture programming and for developing smart contracts or a decentralized app. Moreover, various programming languages support Blockchain. Out of all, we will focus on Python.

Here, in this blog, we will provide you some essential reasons why Python is good for Blockchain.

So, let’s get started:

Top Reasons Why Python is Good for Blockchain

Here are some of the crucial reasons why Python is an excellent choice for Blockchain.

Quick and Easy to Learn:

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is being used in the industry for a long-time. Every year, Python is evolving with the support of various developers, and the language has reached an advanced stage, which ensures stability & reliability.

Python language is easy-to-use & learn for beginners as well as newcomers. It is one of the quickly accessible languages in the market, due to its simplified syntax. Moreover, amateur developers can learn and move ahead with Python.

Lastly, developers at any stage of learning can change the codebase of python as it is an interpreted language.

Known for its Simplicity and Minimalism

Simplicity and minimalism are the most essential things present in Python’s philosophy. The simplicity can be seen in various features. For instance, in Python, white space indicates the code blocks; therefore, programmers don’t require integrating any curly brackets or keywords. Moreover, developers can rely on Python for Blockchain by writing less code.

Emerging as a Trending Language

One of the important reasons why Python is good for Blockchain is its popularity worldwide. According to the TIOBE index, the language holds the third-place among various other leading languages. Moreover, the popularity of Python is increasing every year.

Hence, you have the support of a wide number of developers belonging to different backgrounds and can work on your project efficiently. You can take benefits from the dynamic community that constantly shares updates.

Equipped with Huge Set of Libraries and Packages

Python provides numerous libraries and frameworks which developers can utilize to speed up their development at an early stage. It also consists of cloud-media services that provide cross-platform support via a library such as a tool.

In simple words, Python provides a collection of libraries & frameworks which developers can utilize to write code quickly.

Provides Option to Run Compiled and Uncompiled

As a scripted language, Python doesn’t need compilation to be understandable to machines.

Suppose you are working on an app and suddenly came across an error. Here, in case, you are utilizing a compiled language to resolve an error, then you need to cease the app, go to source code, fix the error, and then restart the app.

While talking about Python, you need to resolve the error, and then reload the app, you don’t need to recompile the program. Hence, it offers a significant benefit to the Blockchain.

Making changes to the code directly can have an adverse effect on the speed of scripting language. To avoid this, Python provides a feature of re-compiling the code utilizing different methods to enhance performance.

Highly Mature and Supportive Community

Python was released in the year 1989, and since then the language has become more mature with each passing year and now it has a community of developers ranging from beginner to pro.

Currently, there are a lot of resources available in Python such as documentation, video tutorials, guides, etc., which developers at any stage can use and acquire support to get ahead in the language.

Moreover, various students who are starting their journey in computer science start with Python.

Any language that doesn’t consist of good support or documentation, is not successful. However, this is not when we talk about Python as it’s in the race for a long time. Lastly, the Python developer community is a highly active developer community.

Adaptability of Python Language

Python language is highly adaptable, and it allows a developer to try something new. A person having good knowledge of Python is not just meant to develop the same kind of things every now & then, but to inculcate something new.

Moreover, the language gives freedom to developers to build any application. You cannot find such adaptability in any other programming language.

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