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Apps are the new platforms of opportunities, whether it is a budding startup or an established organization, a firm presence in the app store opens the door of innovation and opportunities. So, to start with the apps, at first you must be familiar with the trends out there in the market.

The reason we are emphasizing on building the apps is simple, it is the wide range of user base it comprises of. An estimate by “Statista” tells that there are over 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world. That’s a huge number, to begin with; it shows the user base we were speaking of, it is not just a huge number but an opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to grow their business and transform it from ground to the digital platform.

So, the need for building a successful android app comes from the scenario that the app store is already flooded with a plethora of mobile apps. This has given rise to a virtual competition among them; “Statista” estimates that there are 2.7 million apps in the google play store, now there are two ways through which you can stand apart from from the competition: either there should be a unique selling proposal attached with your app that will help you sail you through or your app should comprise of the features and interface that leverages the user experience.

you are standing there without a clue about all these things and about how to incorporate these things into your app by which it gets highlighted among the available apps in the play store. Standing aloof from the rest of the competitors in this digital race is of utmost importance to keep pace with the growing market trends.

But have you come so far, won’t we let you go dry, here we present before you 4 proven tips that will help you in building a successful android app then it doesn’t matter whether you, on the other side, are a businessman, an entrepreneur or a developer. So, let’s begin;

Make it Simple and Straightforward

When we speak about features an app and their popularity among the users, this comes at the very first step of our app’s ladder to success. For any user, the app should be easy to use and avail of the features of the app. There are many features that are incorporated in the app such as navigation and fetching the services for which that has been developed.

Some of the business involves online transactions via the apps, the process of the online transaction should be secure, and as security is the main concern of the users while making online payments, it should be kept at the prime importance. Apart from this while building the app, your motive should be clear that what you want to deliver to the audience and in what form, your business goals and your vision should reflect in the idea of your app development.

Be Familiar with the Audience

As you are developing an app to meet the requirements and needs of the users and provide them with an easy to deal with your business. So, the strata of the audience you are going to deal with should be clear in your mind. Your product aims to serve one dimension of the user base available in the market, so your goal should be to target those directed people towards your brand to drive more sales.

While there is a relation between converting visitors to leads and leads to customers, you should be ready to serve all the niches of your product and leave no stone unturned in availing this opportunity. The visitors to your apps are interested in your product, tell them about how it can meet their requirement, it will convert them into leads and then once they realize that your product fulfills certain verticals of their needs, it will turn them into customers who will help escalate your business.

Usability testing of your mobile application

It is indeed one of the important factors for mobile app development that cannot be neglected. It is one of the key aspects that will amount to the success of your mobile app. So, while doing the usability test, it should be clear in your mind that what are your expectation with the usability test and the important areas such as; the roadmap of the app development, the market of the users for whom this app has been designed, the competitors out there in the market.

Once you are done with the usability test, your task doesn’t end here; you need to go through the compiled data and analyze the recommendations it has in the form of quantitative and qualitative data. While it has found that testing with real users is more resource-consuming but on the other hand it yields the more accurate results out of the available methods.

App Design

We have already discussed the importance of design for an app, and we can say that the borderline between the most widely used mobile app and an app with a relatively lesser number of downloads in the play store lies in its User Experience (UX). While a good app should always meet the guidelines from google relative to the design and other aspects of its development.

While you cannot claim your app to be developed user friendly and widely accepted in one go, it should be a process of continuous evolution. All the data from the feedback section of the app should be carefully analyzed and then steps are to be taken for further improvement accordingly. In fact, you should not forget that while designing the app, the functionality of the app gets affected, the performance and speed of the app should remain constant and not fluctuate while updating the app.


While the growth of the mobile app industry is pacing up, users and service providers need to find ways to keep themselves ahead in the digital race. While there is no sure shot secret to develop a successful mobile app, but considering all the proven techniques that we have discussed will surely enable you to mark your presence on the app store. This, in turn, will scale-up your business and create a firm base for your users. We cannot deny the fact there is competition in the market, but in this age of digital transformation, mobile apps are the revolutionizing tools everyone is looking up to.

Author Bio:

Sanjeev Verma is the founder and CEO of Biz4Group, based out of Orlando, FL the United States. He has conceptualized the idea of Biz4 Brand and founded Biz4Group, and Biz4Intellia. He has 20+ years of experience in boosting IT-based start-ups to success. In the past, he has worked on leadership positions with Marriott Vacations, Disney, MasterCard, Statefarm, and Oracle. The company headed by him excels in developing, implementing, and monitoring Digital Solutions ranging from IoT solutions & products, Mobile and Web Development, and Digital Marketing to Full Stack Development and CMS solutions.