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Let’s paint a picture. Imagine you have to choose between two messaging apps to install on your smartphone. Say one of them has the option to send animated stickers whereas the other one has mundane emojis for messaging. Which one would you prefer? The “animated stickers one” or the “boring emojis one”? Of course, the first one because that will make you feel more connected!

Well, it is clear that user experience should be one of the topmost priorities while developing an application or website. Your users should never feel left out; they should be able to interact with your app seamlessly and enjoy it. That brings us to the main topic of discussion. How important is user experience design(UXD) for an application? How can one make the user experience intuitive and accessible in every way? Let’s find the answers to these questions.

Creating an impressive user experience

As far as the design space is concerned, one may feel that finding skilled UI designers is enough to hit the bullseye. While such designers will no doubt help your app look good and attractive, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

What’s the use of having an attractive app when users find it challenging to navigate and can’t use it effectively? That is why UX designers are the real game-changers. Not only do they deal with understanding the pain points of your users and enhance the UX design, but they also work on enabling a smooth experience between customers and the application right from the mapping stage to prototyping. Pain points such as slow site speed, confusing buttons, and unusual sense of user navigation create friction for users.

To create a great user experience, one should always have the user journey in mind. For this, UX designers need to have in-depth knowledge about the browsing behavior of the target audience and understand their requirements beforehand. When one uses a user-centric design approach, meaningful user experience is guaranteed for your target audience. Let’s explore the benefits of a great UX design for your application.

Lower bounce rates

The lower the bounce rate, the better it is for your application. If you want to reduce the chances of people bouncing off your website, app or software, you should make sure that you provide them with an assuring feeling that their feelings and needs are being taken care of. Otherwise, even if you have identified the right target audience for your product, it will be useless. Your UXD goals have been achieved when you see that users find your application designed exactly as they would have wanted to use it.

Longer user engagement periods

Keeping users busy with your website might seem difficult but an interactive UX design will help them in a number of ways. According to ThinkWithGoogle, if a website is not mobile-friendly, almost 50% of the users will not use it even if they are into a similar business. So, make sure that you optimize the design for mobiles too as most of your users might use their smartphones to browse and you don’t want to lose those valuable users just because of an unoptimized design.

Besides, to keep your audience engaged, developing suitable user personas can do the magic. Not to mention that a personalized UX design will go a long way in connecting with users and keeping them hooked to your website.

Better conversions

Conversions can happen only when your users have a satisfying customer journey on your application. If your application has a well-designed UI and the user flow is hassle-free, more and more users will prefer using your website/application, resulting in improved conversions.

On the user front, they experience a user-friendly application; while on the business front, a responsive UX design will attract more visitors and help in keeping customers happy as well as generating revenue. In other words, UX design is a win-win scenario for both users and the business.

Increased sales

According to a study conducted by the University of Surrey, it has been found that a whopping 75% of the visitors judge a website instantaneously based on the overall interface and ease of use. Even many online marketplace platforms and eCommerce websites have experienced huge losses because of an inefficient UX design process.

However, if you keep working on improving your UX design strategy for your online marketplace, you can make your users feel confident about using your website. This will, in turn, generate sales and be very effective in the long term. An impressive UX will encourage organic users to use the word of the mouth, providing a better ROI compared to the traction received through advertising.

What UX design practices should you follow?

If you are aiming at building a successful website or application for your business, it is obvious that you implement a unique user experience design strategy. However, following the best industry practices is also necessary to survive in the long run. After all, your users are your asset and you have to keep them happy no matter what.

At Ionixx Technologies, our usability analysts identify user-related issues through a systematic review. They perform a thorough heuristics analysis and provide expert recommendations to revamp your UX design. Moreover, our designers always empathize with end-users and design each and every aspect of your application with the utmost dedication and diligence to provide a tailored digital experience. Are you also looking for solutions that can enhance the UX design of your application? Feel free to get in touch with our team of experts!