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5 Incredible New Programming Languages

If you want to stay competitive in the ever changing world of technology, then check out these 5 incredible new programming languages.

Whether you realize it or not, today’s society is nearly dependent on the things created through programming languages. To give you an idea, just a couple of years ago, there were around 7 million job openings in the programming field.

Anytime you see a new app, every time you visit a new website, whenever you want to play a video game–all these services are brought to you by evolving programming languages that keep stacking and becoming more complex.

New programming languages are how we’re able to offer all the new technology and online platforms of the future. Those people who use computer languages to write instructions have to keep up with the new languages to stay relevant.

By investing in and exploring new programming languages, we can expand our technology and offer new products to a wider audience. And if you’re a programmer, we’ve got the scoop for you:

Keep reading to learn about 5 new programming languages that are helping us reach new heights in technological development.

5 New Programming Languages You Should Know About

Programming languages sprout up all the time. Old languages have kinks that new languages fix or else the new languages stack up on old ones to improve their performance.

Here are some of the top new programming languages making a scene in 2018 that you should know about:


Since Google first announced the programming language in 2009, Go has gained a lot of followers around the world–even converters from Python and Ruby. Go is in the tradition of C, but it has made improvements to be more simple and safe.

The key to its wide reputation and use is this simplicity, which owes thanks to a powerful background intelligence that minimizes the busy work. The structure stays the same as C, while still acting as a dynamic programming language.

Extra capabilities in Go include arrays, type inheritance, hash tables, and generics among other things. The simplicity of the program and these benefits have helped Go remain one of the best new programming languages in 2018.


JavaScript has a reputation for being complicated, and you’ll rarely find someone who actually enjoys coding in that programming language. The solution is an additional processor that can help minimize time using JavaScript.

TypeScript is what’s called a superset of Java and brings powerful and easy functions into the language to make the overall process faster and still secure.

With the benefits of TypeScript (such as static type-checking and built-in support), coding websites and mobile platforms cut a lot of corners, saving valuable time.

The best candidate for TypeScript is the coder who actually wants to enjoy their time working in JavaScript.


Rust is a programming language created by Mozilla that is gaining a lot of love and attention for its utilization of multi-core processors. Rust is a systems language instead of a language meant for designing application software.

Rust is more like the C programming language (vs JavaScript) and it’s used to optimize the programming of hardware. The syntax used in Rust is easy enough to learn quickly, and it’s open-source, so you can see the source code on Github.

Just take a look at some of their big-name clients to recognize this new programming language’s weight to the modern software programmer.


Just as Java has its own band of begrudging programmers, so does Python. It’s complicated work, and workarounds can take up too much of your time for comfort.

The obvious solution (besides opting out for other compatible new programming languages) is to invest in an extension to simplify the process. Python’s solution happens to be a programming language called Julia.

One of the most prevalent complaints about Python is its speed–or severe lack thereof. But people just work with the bad to get the good: Python’s simple syntax, among other things.

That’s where Julia comes in. The simple syntax of Python stays the same in Julia with the added bonus that code can be compiled in the background–saving lots of time.

Julia can distribute parallel algorithms across a cluster beside the fact that the code you write is instantly compiled. Faster Python means happier programming for many a modern programmer.


The brilliant minds behind JetBrains have created one of the foremost up-and-coming new programming languages, called Kotlin. The language is simple and provides users a lot of clean function and interoperability.

For instance, Kotlin compiles into JavaScript, which makes exchanging and blending with other languages easy for both front and backend development.

Recently, Kotlin has risen in popularity all the way up to being named an official programming language for Android. And if you didn’t know, Android is one of the top (if not the top) popular development platform (including for mobile).

Kotlin is on the rise to become one of the most recognized and soon-to-be-standard new programming languages in years.

The Importance of New Programming Languages

Staying on top of the latest trends and advancements in programming gives you access not only to a wider capability but to a wider audience. New languages create new applications or enhance old languages for easier use.

And today, it’s all about optimization. If there’s a way to work smarter and to crank up the output, then investing in new languages to accomplish it will repay itself in little to no time.

If you can make Python run faster, while still being able to use its simple function and design, why not? If you’re able to compile your code instantly in JavaScript for interoperability, why not? If you can outsource work to run efficiently, why not?

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