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You can still work towards creating a new decentralized app or DApp even if you’re not a blockchain developer. While you will need plenty of talented blockchain developers to help you bring your project to fruition, you can lay the groundwork for your project by identifying a problem within a particular industry and proposing a solution using the blockchain. After all, a blockchain developer might not understand how your industry works, so they’ll need someone with your expertise to envision the central idea behind the DApp. Then, a team of coders and developers can help you get your DApp up and running.

Identify the Problem and Solution

To start, you’ll need to figure out why you want to build a DApp in the first place. These projects begin with a proposal that shows interested parties how the DApp can make the world a better place. Maybe you’re a lawyer that’s trying to use the blockchain to make your practice more efficient. Or maybe you’re a healthcare professional that wants to help their patients access and manage their health information. Whatever the case may be, you can use a whitepaper to identify a problem and propose a solution. You can then circulate this whitepaper to coders, investors, and other people in your industry that might want to get involved. This helps you create buzz and momentum for your project.

Attract Blockchain Developers

Before you get started building the DApp, you’ll need to get some experienced blockchain developers on your team. Every other item on this list can get fairly technical, so you’ll need someone that knows what they’re doing at your side. Finding an experienced blockchain developer can be difficult, as many of the traditional job posting methods won’t help you find the talent you’re looking for. You can instead find coders in online blockchain communities like Reddit or GitHub. You can also go to networking events or reach out to academic institutions that offer blockchain development courses.

Come Up with a Conesus Protocol

Every DApp runs on a consensus protocol. Since these apps are self-sufficient, every node in the system needs to agree to a certain protocol that they will use to verify every transaction made on the DApp. This might include a Proof-of-Work protocol, in which nodes have to complete a computer problem in order to verify the transaction. You can also use Proof-of-Stakes, Proof-of-Burn, or some combination of these protocols. Every protocol comes with its pros and cons, so make sure you choose the right protocol for your DApp based on how you want your nodes to verify every transaction.

Find the Right Platform for Your DApp

You’ll also need to find the right platform for your DApp, or you can create an entirely new blockchain from scratch, but this tends to be extremely expensive and labor-intensive. You can find a range of existing blockchain platforms that are open-source, which means you can upload your code to their system, making your DApp a part of this existing blockchain. Compare different platforms to see which one has the right features for your DApp.

Create the Architecture of Your DApp

The final step is to create the overall architecture of your DApp with the help of your blockchain developers, of course. This includes designing the administrator and user interface and creating the permissions around your blockchain, whether it’s permission-less, private or a hybrid DApp. There are so many things that can go wrong when designing and building the code behind your DApp. One small error in the code can cause the entire system to crash, so make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with capable people, especially if you’re not a blockchain developer yourself.


Now, it’s time to put your finished DApp out in the world. You can spread the word across your industry, get press, reach out to various blockchain communities, and attract attention using conventional marketing methods. The more people that use your DApp, the better the chances that you will successfully disrupt your industry, changing the way people do business and, hopefully, making your industry or business more efficient. The blockchain and a new DApp can help you cut down on your operating expenses and provide more peace of mind to your customers.

Refine your idea for a new DApp and start pitching your project to blockchain developers today!

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