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If you’re looking to connect with other blockchain developers or find a talented coder for your development project, you’ll need to think outside the box. Blockchain still feels like the wild, wild west and many coders are taking it upon themselves to learn this new programming language. Blockchain developers can be hard to find as they tend to stick to certain online communities, instead of posting about their projects on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other commonly used social media websites.

While demand for blockchain developers continues to increase, the number of people that actually possess these skills remains low. If you’re serious about finding and connecting with this community, here are the best places to find other blockchain developers:


Reddit is a massive collection of user discussion forums on various topics, and the blockchain is no exception. You can find hundreds of people that are either working on existing blockchain development projects or those looking to learn more about this exciting new technology. Reddit can be overwhelming to new users, so be prepared to spend some quality time on the site. You should work on engaging with users as much as possible by giving feedback, asking questions, and being authentic. Overly promotional or commercial posts and threads tend to make Reddit users angry.


GitHub has emerged as one of the leading online spaces for coders and developers. People can connect and share tips and information about all kinds of coding projects, including the blockchain. The site also allows its users to upload code directly to the platform, so coders can collaborate in real-time. You can work on a blockchain development project with coders all around the world using the GitHub community. Or you can upload your code to the site and have someone check it for errors or inconsistencies.


Blockchain is still radically new and most people don’t know much about. Coders will make an effort to learn about blockchain on their own, and many of them are posting about it on Medium. This is a site where just about anyone can create an account and publish articles online about various topics. This makes it a great resource for blockchain developers looking to show off their expertise on the subject. You can find knowledgeable people on Medium writing about the blockchain and how it’s affecting all kinds of industries. You can subscribe to their blog for more news and tips or send them a message to make a connection.


IEEE is an online community that’s dedicated to advancing technology around the world. They have a special blockchain community where you can find dozens of white papers, articles, and discussion forms on various topics as they relate to the blockchain. You can focus in on your specific industry to see how this technology is changing the way you and your peers do business.

University Courses

If you’re looking for a skilled blockchain developer, you can also research some up and coming programs at some of the most distinguished universities in the country. MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford have all started offering courses in blockchain development. The company IBM also offers its own version. You can try reaching out to those involved in these courses in order to attract some top talent to your project. These courses are rising in popularity as more people realize the potential of the blockchain.


If you’re familiar with the blockchain, you can make a name for yourself on one of these platforms by sharing valuable information and advice to other aspiring coders. Or if you’re looking to hire top talent, you can pitch your development project to some of the many talented coders using one of these platforms. The internet was designed to bring people together, and that includes blockchain developers. Use these websites and resources to become one with the blockchain community.

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