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A detailed digital illustration depicting the concept of fractional trading. In the image, a large golden pie chart symbolizes fractional trading, with a slice being lifted out by strings, representing a fraction of the whole. Business professionals with briefcases walk towards the pie, indicating their participation in the trading market. The background features financial graphs and data points, emphasizing technological integration in trading. The text overlay reads "How to Integrate Fractional Trading to Your Offerings," and the image is branded with the Ionixx Technologies logo.

How to Integrate Fractional Trading to Your Offering

Reading Time: 4 minutes The narrative that retail investors are less experienced than their Wall Street counterparts (aka institutional investors) has shifted significantly over the last five years. Perhaps the democratization of trading tools and education has empowered ‘Main Street’ traders to become more sophisticated and self-directed.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, retail participation surged Read more…

A Wall Street sign in New York City with the caption 'The Surge of Global IPO Launches in the US: Driving Forces and Trends.' This image emphasizes the pivotal role of Wall Street in global capital markets, highlighting trends and driving forces behind the surge in IPO activity in the United States.

The Appeal of US Markets to Global Trading Firms & Wall Street’s Readiness

Reading Time: 4 minutes The US capital markets have been solidifying their position as a leading global hub, attracting companies from various sectors and regions. This trend was evident in 2021 when Swiss sneaker brand On Holding announced its Initial Public Offering (IPO) launch directly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  Fast forward Read more…